Friday, November 21, 2008

ATC for Julie

I have some large projects on the go, so to take my mind off these, I decided to make my friend Julie in the US an ATC to go with a card I'm about to send her. The swirls are stamped with black Brilliance, then the open areas are coloured in with white gel pen to highlight.


This was another bubble wrap project that I started with the girls, but have only recently finished.  Gaye kindly provided me with some of her lovely fabric and a doily she had on hand.  These certainly bring out the centre piece, so thanks Gaye for your ideas and supplies.

All my secrets

Recently while visiting with my friends Gaye and Kasha, we experimented with bubble wrap.  This collage is sandwiched between two pieces of bubble wrap with some other embellishments over top, then all mounted on to matt board.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Judy's back page

This is my back page with the birthday greeting.  I look forward to seeing the book bound and complete with all the other pages from the girls in the group.

Judy's inside pages

These are the inside pages of Weirdsville.  

Judy's Birthday project

The other birthday project from our art group was for our dear friend Judy.  We decided on a book with each of us required to make two A5 pages front and back with the theme 'Weird Nature'.  The colour palette was cream, rust, green and black.  This was quite a challenge for me on all counts.  The front page features a flying zebra with a puzzled bee.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Love birds

This card was the result of yet another failed attempt at making something suitable for Marilena's birthday project.  Two previous attempts found their way into the bin, but I salvaged this one that I felt did not make the grade and made it into a card instead.  Some of the little paper squares  are stitched onto the walnut ink stained numbers paper.  The branches and leaves are cut from various papers.  The wooden heart was first painted, then stamped with the message.  The music paper on the main card was embossed with a cuttlebug embossing folder and then rubbed over with a sepia sponge block to highlight the pattern.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Harmony Among Friends

I've been very lazy and instead of thinking of something new, decided to modify yet again Marilena's project for another swap I'm involved in for October.  Around the edges I painted Antique Crackle, let it dry, then rubbed some Treasure Gold over it to highlight the cracks. I hope Samm likes my little easel project for the AOTM (Art of the Month)  which finished, stands just under 6 inches high.

Cherish Friends

The little project for Marilena was fun to make, so I decided to use the same layout and make my lovely neighbour Jodie a hanging piece as thanks for her recent act of kindness. She managed to get one of my sons interested in applying for a position advertised locally where she works. He was slow to start, but in then end he has submitted a fine application. It would be great for him to get an interview for the experience of that process and just wonderful if he was lucky enough to get the traineeship. Regardless, he now has a good grasp of what it required on his next job application, thanks to Jodie.   This is about 11 inches from the top of the hanging ribbon to the bottom of the beads.

Love warms every nest

This is my second piece for Marilena. I've included the bird, heart, stitching, fabric, lace in the colours chosen. The section down the bottom right corner contains numbered eggs, then stitched closed with acetate stamped with the message.

Birds and hearts square

This is one of my pieces for my friend Marilena as part of a larger project. Each of us in the group had two or three pieces to complete in various sizes and shapes. The colours had to be cream, sepia, sage green and dusty pink. We also had to use fabric, lace or other fibers, some stitching if possible and the theme was birds and hearts.

The large heart is black paper sewn with strips of scrap quilting fabric I found in the correct colours. The background paper also has faint pink hearts in it.  The eggs have the labels, love and affection.

Once the other five girls complete theirs, the 16 various pieces will be stuck down a 24 x 24 inch canvas to give to Marilena as our combined birthday project. I look forward to seeing it completed and admiring the other girls work.

Chris' inchie card

This inchie card is for my friend Chris Mylar in Washington for her birthday on the 19th.

Unexpected Kindness

This card is my latest swap for my US friends. I've used Golden's rust and blue glazes on the papers and embossed the cuttlebug diamond pattern on the lower section. This is hightlighted with Treasure Gold. I then stamped a few flourishes, added the images and text.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So it was a dream

My friend Gaye came down to stay for an 'arty weekend' recently.  After completing the assembly of a combined birthday art piece for our friend Kasha, we decided to have a little play for ourselves.  This is what I came up with using phone book paper, various paper scraps found in my drawers, Golden glaze and other bits and pieces.  I decided to keep it and hang it on my new 'art wall'.   

Shut up in a Cage

This is a hanging piece I made for a monthly swap I'm involved in.  The bird theme is a favourite of mine.  The smaller background consists of various papers with a wash of cream paint.  The tree is stamped on tissue paper and glued over top. The larger background is a page from an old phone book glued to matt board and painted over with various Golden paints and glazes.  I then stamped the flourishes and filled in the open areas with a white gel pen.

This piece is a 'mate' to another previously made for myself to hang on my new art wall and will upload it soon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bright papers vintage style

Well, here is my first post. This blog will allow me to share some of my creations with those of you who share my passion and desire to create. More importantly, this will be a personal diary of my journey in the world of paper arts and mixed media.

I made this card using some torn pieces of bright scrapbooking paper that I knew I would never use as it was.  I decided to challenge myself into making the paper appear more muted and in keeping with my vintage style.  The background consists of torn bright patterned paper and various text from old books .  The stamping is done on old dressmaker's pattern tissue and glued overtop.  The girl is stamped on a piece of card that I applied crackle paint to.  Various embellishments complete the card.