Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hand Etched Stamp

  A wonderful colleague and friend, Terri-Ann, brought in an Aussie flower, the Kangaroo Paw, and asked if I could carve it into a stamp like some others I had done and took to work for show and tell. What a challenge, but think I came up with the goods in the end. Of course the finished stamp is a mirror reverse of the flower since I hand drew it directly onto the rubber.

Another Sweet Repeats Project

Here is another I finished following the online class with Jodi Ohl on Fearless Faux Encaustics.

Latest Art Journal

This journal was my husband's idea in that he suggested i put one cover upside down to the other so I could flip it depending on what art style I intend to do. One side could be say painting and drawing while the other using images, washi tape etc. I used Coptic binding stitch to secure.

Craft Storage Room Update

These two images show both ends only. The middle is work in progress.

Melbourne Art Retreat

I was fortunate to attend DJ Petitt's "capture Your Vision" 4 Day Retreat. Here is my book completed on the outside at least. I just have some pages inside to finish applying some interest too with paint, stencils, images, stamping, stitching etc.

Journal Pages

I've decided to start a journal, but just doing pages at this stage and will bind later. These are a couple I have completed.

Craft Room Extension

My husband discovered how crammed my room was less than a month ago and after checking under the house, decided he could add a small extension which would be a suitable storage room to free up my art room. Below is the view from under th house, which shows the slope of the land and why it needed steps and the next show my husband installing the stairs on SUnday. The room is finished but he has a couple more cupboards to build once I decide what my needs are.

Jodi Ohl inspired

I signed up for Jodi Ohl's online class Fearless Faux Encaustics Discovery Workshop and have made several pieces in this style. This is one.

Angel Canvases

I came across a book on Angels and decided to turn a couple of the colour images into art and incorporate a quote for each from the book as well. These are the second set of canvases done from the Bella Donna class by Cristina Zinnia Galliher I'm really happy with this set.

Birthday Art for Mary

This started out as a journal page and ended up being a little hanging piece instead and became Mary's art gift. There are many layers because I didnt like the layer underneath, but all provided depth and interest.

Mother's Day Art

This is the Encaustic Art block I made for my Mother.

Encaustic Art Blocks

I drew the girls and cut the dresses from scrapbook paper.

Vintage Jewellery

I made two bracelets using some vintage typewriter keys and buttons. One was for Aria, my eldest sons' girlfriend for her birthday in April, and the other is for me.

Margaret's Birthday Art

Margaret's art is a wooden Encaustic art block. I drew the girl and cut her dress from scrapbook paper.

Margaret's Birthday Gifts Wrapped

The Paper Princesses came together again late April to celebrate Margaret's birthday. These are two of the packages containing some of Margaret's gifts that were simple to make and a great excuse to use Washi Tape.The images are from Zorana.

Play Evening with Kasha

The past year has been very limiting for me creatively and in general with a shoulder injury. However here is a little of what I have managed to do during better times.
The top canvas was Kasha's design and the bottom one mine, but both inspired by Limor Webber's Design onYouTube