Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quirky Birthday art for Gaye

I'm not sure what Gaye really thought when she unwrapped this quirky doll, but she was sure fun to make. She is probably almost 30cm (12 inches) high and her "backbone" is a vintage tradesmans' rule that my friend Judy bought for me at a local market. The face is a jar lid, the middle is a belt buckle, with the round centre a children's game piece. The rest are bits and pieces I've been hoarding for some time and finally came in handy.

Next US swap ready to go

Well, I just had to play with some new stamps and decided to use them together in the one card. The background consists of Dressmaker tissue paper adhered to dictionary paper, then gesso applied over top. Finally, a thin layer of Golden fluid acrylics swipped across in pinks and golden tones. A tab was added as well, since it arrived the same day and just had to be incorporated into the card somewhere. This was such a fun quirky card to make and just adore my new supplies.

New Years' US card

This was a fun quick card and I made several of them, most with Australian bird stamps. These all flew to my very dear US card swap pals who many have been exchanging with me since the mid 90's. The leaves were coloured with a green metallic gel pen.

Waxed Christmas Cards

The card on the left was made for my mother, and the other for my friend at work. I applied wax with the iron for a smooth vintage look and feel.