Sunday, October 5, 2008

Birds and hearts square

This is one of my pieces for my friend Marilena as part of a larger project. Each of us in the group had two or three pieces to complete in various sizes and shapes. The colours had to be cream, sepia, sage green and dusty pink. We also had to use fabric, lace or other fibers, some stitching if possible and the theme was birds and hearts.

The large heart is black paper sewn with strips of scrap quilting fabric I found in the correct colours. The background paper also has faint pink hearts in it.  The eggs have the labels, love and affection.

Once the other five girls complete theirs, the 16 various pieces will be stuck down a 24 x 24 inch canvas to give to Marilena as our combined birthday project. I look forward to seeing it completed and admiring the other girls work.