Friday, October 29, 2010

Wax creations

I've recently received my new encaustic iron and some wax to play with. Have been playing with them the past couple of weeks and wish I bought them long ago.

First experient was to wax ironed a seriette onto a card, and also the centre image. The black netting was also melted into the wax and onto the serviette background. This card was made for my dear friend Marilena for her birthday earlier this week.

Then I thought I would try a simple canvas, applying wax to the sides, top, bottom and of course the front. Using my new iron, I found it easy and a lot of fun. The photo used is a relative of a dear friend of mine, Judy from Toowoomba. Not sure if it's her Mother or Grandmother. Isn't she beautiful.

Then I decided to make something for the Art of the Month swap that was due using the wax. I love birds still so came up with a free standing bird and was happy with the results.


Petra Tillmann said...

Your wax creations are beautiful, Celeste! Great work!

Femmy said...

these are awesome Celeste!! love especially the canvas,great artwork!

Oxana said...

Your creations are beautiful... always!!!!!


Hi Celeste
love all your collage work.I adore using wax as well.Haven't found an encaustic iron up here yet but hope to one day.

Gaby Bee said...

Beautiful creations, Celeste! You are one talented gal. Love your style girl!